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Just answering :iconarvaleeknight:'s tag :)

Current facts about myself (these are subject to change):

    1)      I have an enormous sweet tooth and a huge salt tolerance.

    2)      I have three kids, all girls

    3)      I absolutely LOVE anime and manga

    4)      I love the outdoors, but not the bugs

    5)      I recently saw an ad about taking a cruise to Rome and my first thought was ‘oh, I miss Ezio!’ *pang of loss*

    6)      Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday, yet I hate the cold

    7)      Fangirl.

    8)      I’ve never played any of the Final Fantasy games, but I’m a serious fan of FFVII

    9)      I’m a gamer girl

    10)   I have two sisters, a stepbrother and a stepsister

    11)   I’d rather be a vampire than human

    12)   Yes, I’m a fan of Twilight. Don’t judge me.

    13)   I both hate and love sleeping. So much time is wasted sleeping! But dang, I’m a bear when I don’t get my sleep

:iconarvaleeknight:’s questions

    1.       What character (any fandom) do you feel like you relate to most?

Honestly, I have no idea. ^^;

    2.       It’s the zombie apocalypse! CHOOSE A WEAPON! WhAT iS IT?

My husband. Does that count? :P

    3.       Do you have a favorite quote? What is it and why?

“Your life is yours alone. Rise up and live it.” It’s my favorite because it emphasizes that no matter what happens; your life is your own. So live it! (another quote that goes hand in hand with this quote is “To live is something rare. Most people simply exist.”)

    4.       What is your favorite fighting class out of a game of your choice?

Probably druid. I love the versatility of that class.

    5.       Do you have any long term goals planned?

To move to Alaska. (I know I know. Contradicts my ‘I hate cold’ comment, but there’s a good reason for it)

    6.       What is your favorite romance movie/book?

Pfffff…. Probably Hunger Games.

    7.       QUICK! You must now choose to become a supernatural creature! What have you chosen?

I’d say… Efreet.

    8.       If you have to choose a last meal what would it be?

My husband’s homemade organic pizza.

    9.       What animal would you choose to turn into should the opportunity arise?

Egah…. That’s a tough one… Probably one of the large cats. Like a tiger or snow leopard.

    10.   You must sacrifice your most prized possession in order to continue living. WHAT IS IT? AND WOULD YOU SACRIFICE IT OR DIE?

I don’t think I have one… Hahahaha

    11.   Your favorite OTP out of the fandom of your choice:

I don’t have OTPs. I can’t operate that way. Lol.  My OTP depends on my mood at the time.

    12.   What five colors best describe who you are or the background of your life?

Black, dark red, blue (all  shades), purple and yellow

    13.   Hypothetically, if someone looked your name up in the dictionary, what words would they find there to describe you

Scatter-brained, cheerful, funny, weird, smart

  • Mood: Christmas Spirited
  • Listening to: Monsters Inc.
  • Eating: raisins
  • Drinking: Water


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Still loves her SOLDIERs though
United States


Current Residence: With her assassins <3
Favourite cartoon character: Pink Panther
Personal Quote: 'Your life is yours alone. Rise up and live it' ~Faith of the Fallen

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